Everyone knows the incredible impact Pinterest has had on our society of crafty individuals.  While some of these gifts are greatly appreciated, sometimes the expense and labor does not justify the means.  Other times, recipients may have been inundated with similar gifts reducing the impact of your meaningful gift.  Here are some of the best and worst homemade gifts for the holiday season:

Best to Give and Receive:

-Tied Blankets.  Although a bit on the pricier side for fabric, customization is endless, labor is minimal (about an hour start to finish) and you can work on it as a family while watching a movie.

-Themed Baskets: Movie Night, Pasta Night, Pancake Breakfast, Sweets and Treats, etc. allows for customization and is an affordable, personalized alternative to purchasing a store made fruit basket.

-Framed Picture: Instantly displayable and thoughtful with very little expense.  Even more useful and visible is a picture magnet.

Worst to Give and Receive:

-Mason Jar Baking Kits: Unless you have all components currently on hand, you have to purchase all the items which can get quite expensive for a DIY gift.  As a recipient, you hope the recipe was measured correctly and is an item you actually enjoy eating.

-Christmas Ornaments: Ornaments are wonderful, but if you receive them on Christmas you don’t actually get to enjoy your gift until next year.

-School Picture in Christmas Card: I have stacks of wallet size pictures of loved ones that I can’t throw out, but will never display.  The size is awkward and unless it is someone you are very close to, odds are the picture will eventually be thrown away during a Marie Kondo cleaning episode.

Homemade gifts, when given with thought and consideration for each specific recipient, are truly memorable.  That said, as per Emily Post, it is essential to thank the giver whether you like the gift or not.  Thanks for reading, merry Christmas all and God bless!