woman grinding coffee bean
Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.com

I have not always had the greatest luck landing a job (I’m still hurt that KFC didn’t hire me when I was in high school).  However, any job I have landed has resulted in quick promotions by using a technique called mirroring.

Step 1: If you are asked to do something by a superior, no matter how menial or unimportant, immediately stop what you are doing and work on that task.  Preferably in sight of the one making the request.  Eventually, your manager will encourage you to continue your current task and complete theirs later.

Step 2: Whatever task you were assigned in Step 1 is now a personal priority.  Whether it is suggestive selling a muffin or folding sweaters a certain way, make sure that task is always completed when you work.  Your boss will appreciate that you listen and accept their goals as your own.

Step 3: Look two steps above your current position.  If your bosses boss comes in and critiques the cleanliness of a glass display table, ensure it is always cleaned on the days you work.  Your current manager will appreciate you trying to make him/her look good.

Step 4: Be “work” friendly, but not friends.  When friendship clutters the work relationship, it can negatively affect the way they view you for promotions.  An exception would be giving a card and/or a small, token gift on bosses day, Christmas, etc.

Step 5: Don’t share too much about your personal life.  If you appear strong and capable with your personal affairs, they will think you are the same at work.  An exception would be a death in the family, divorce, critical illness, or anything that may affect your performance.

Step 6: Say nothing about work on social media that could be portrayed negatively. Your workplace may never discipline you, but rest assured that everyone is aware of what you wrote about the “idiots at corporate” on Facebook.

Remember, you are a reflection of your boss in the eyes of his/her peers.  If your workplace style and priorities mirror theirs, you will see yourself be promoted in no time.